IPO Cases
  • Coship Electronics Co.,Ltd
    Securities code:002052
    China’s largest STB (Set-Top Box) manufacturer for digital TV sets
  • Talkweb Information System Co.,Ltd
    Securities code:002261
    Talkweb is a high-tech enterprise integrating industrial software development, operation and wireless value-added service
  • Chengdu Joint-Wit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Securities code:000809
    Joint-Wit is specialized in development, production and sales of the medicine products, such as Chinese traditional medicine, drugs, healthy food and the extractions of Chinese traditional medicine.
  • Fujian Sunner Development CO.,LTD
    Securities code:002299
    Sunner is the leading company in China in the industrialized feeding, processing, and sale of chicken,
  • EVE Energy Co., Ltd
    Securities code:300014
    EVE Energy specializes in the production of high-energy lithium batteries. EVE is the largest provider of Primary lithium cells within China.
  • Eye Hospital Group
    Securities code:300015
    Aier is the largest chain eye hospital group in China, specializing in research and development, investment construction, and management of ophthalmology
  • Shanghai ChinanetCenter Technology CO.,LTD
    Securities code:300017
    ChinaNetCentre is the premier provider for on-line business solutions.
  • Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd
    Securities code:002402
    H&T is a leading enterprise specialized in Electronic Intelligent Control for Home Appliances and Intelligent System.
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